What I do in my Leafology Practice with Wordscapes?

  • I mentor people to tell their wonderful stories in words and images
  • I help groups to become and function as allies and collaborators
  • I deliver creative journalling workshops and seminars
  • I facilitate training roundtables
  • I visit team meetings to discuss and demonstrate ways to be resilient
  • I help people to discover a way through to wellbeing

“Wordscapes” can help to:

  • provide opportunities to share ideas and stories
  • reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • find and share coping strategies
  • develop self-compassion
  • reset your goals
  • transform your “hum drum” into the aha! of insight
  • improve relationships
  • reengage with community
  • rediscover a sense of fun and satisfaction with daily life
  • improve sleep patterns