A short narrative in a tone poem

Propelled by a process found in a tool called “Sojourn” whereby you draw 3 words to accompany a theme word using word dice.

On November 21, 2012 I drew these:

SOUL (theme die)

doubt / inspire / truth

Interestingly enough the friend who gifted me with this tool ceased to be friend just today.

“If we ARE a soul embodied

and how can anyone doubt that this is so?

That doubt is our only truth.

Indeed it is doubt that inspires our search,

our journey,

our yearning to


our truth.

The Truth must then be

subjective and innate;

or do I mean inane?


Hidden deep

within the tissue

of embodiment.

For the soul is and lives truth.

This embodiment

is that which perplexes us.

So we must cast if off.

To cast off the body must be

carefully and thoughtfully planned;

performed so that the body’s task is complete

Death is simply

casting off

the lies and deceit

that life on earth presents.

Only in “death” can we discover soul’s truth

that truth with a capital T.

Ahhh … how I ache to set my soul free

and be

the truth

I clearly see



This death of which I speak is the meditation on “death” which is inherent in both vippasana and zen meditation. My practice teaches me much and so I believe that I must capture it on paper. “You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” says Pema Chödrön