Newness…turning over a new leaf

BrownisacolorI hope you’ve noticed that I renamed the blog, Leafology. It’s not an original phrase, but I fell in love with it a long while ago when someone else posted their art of leaves and named the page leafology. They are no longer on the internet (I’ve searched and searched). I’ve named a print from Jeff’s photography “Leafology” and delivered a sermon named after the print. So if you are that person who inspired me, please take this as a compliment and consider yourself my muse.

Why “Leafology”? It’s not just a theme, it’s my way of looking at life and there are so many metaphors that I can attach to that name. So, Leafology, it is.

I’ll be back Friday with a new post and a poem or two since I’m an apprentice Poetry Facilitator.

See you then. My goodness it’s great to be back!