Thirsty Thursday …

  Rain1 Today it rains. Il pleut.
Interestingly enough in French Il pleut can also mean “he cries” or is it “he is crying/weeping”? At any rate, I think the French have it right … for the rain often makes people a little rain2misty-eyed.

Strangely enough, not me, not today.

Perhaps it is because I have another poem to share with you. Not mine this time. Mine the other day was a very first draft … and we all know about first drafts, don’t we?

Today’s poem is by Antoinette Voûte Roeder
from her book, Still Breathing

Who isDSCF1227 God Now?


The drops, the spaces between,

the times when it does not



       When it blows, storms, rages,

       when it lies down in quiet pools.



When it rises strong and free, entwines with another,DSCF1238

when it loses its luster and begins the  long descent.



In all its facets, birthing, growing, yearning,

breaking, losing.


Who is God now?

Far and near.

Here, not here.

Always, all ways.


Although I no longer have a faith community that I meet with regularly … I find this comforting.

Let me know what feelings this poem evokes in you, if you like. Thanks for visiting.

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2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday …

  1. This is my god now – the drops and the space in between, the wind, trees, breaking/losing, the body, and so much more. Who is god now? the poem asks. I would answer “Every – everywhere, everyone.” (My personal theology drives those who live and worship in the Bible belt batshit crazy. To which I say: so be it.)

    1. When I read this to Jeff in the car as we drove home from Hanover … seeing not only 3 hawks, one with full wingspread, a raven and numerous other miraculous sights including a bald eagle … his sagely nodded and said, “Now there’s one of your soul mates…” Yup sure ’tis. I love how your mind/heart works, Jeanne.

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