Identity. What is it to a kid? Self assurance. What’s that?

Today let’s explore that through poetry.

And who better than Shane Koyczan to begin this journey. This link will take you to eight different poems that deal with identity. Just in case you bought into the myth that once you were “all growed up” you’d know exactly who you were, what you were meant to do, to be…

Life’s tricky, eh?

So just in case you know a kid, or you are a kid, and you would like to find some help…here’s the link to the : To this Day project.

And on a very serious note…really pay attention to children. They can teach you a lot. Listen to them because they just might need a friendly ear…

Try Anxiety BC or do some yoga with a kid…here’s how  Be sure to watch the video!

But a little poem to end…

It’s a link, because you just have to hear this …G. Yamazawa – “Elementary”
“I became a bully, because we all want to feel like America sometimes.”

I found this gem here: