Throwback Thursday…

On Facebook many play a game called “Throwback Thursday” where they post old photographs. I wondered if I could adapt that to here to give me a push to get back on track.

Here’s a piece I wrote quite some time ago. Please let me know what you think about it. Thanks.

SLUGLINE: The Power of Friendship

He arrived in Canada dirty and disheveled. Grossly underweight, he feared the slightest noise. The sight of people or a truck would send him scurrying for a hiding place.

How did he fall to such a state?

Born in Indiana, from a proud line, tracing his roots all the way back to Brittany, France.

His father was absent from much of his life. His mother believed he showed little promise.

As a young adult he set out to ply his trade and failed miserably. Taunted by those around him, he was beaten and abandoned on a hunting expedition. Blinded by his fears, he struggled to find his way home, alone with neither identification nor money.

A kindly woman took him in. He was on the road to recovery when this friend fled from her abusive husband. The man took an instant dislike to him. Beat him savagely and refused to let him sleep under his roof.

Once again he was alone. He sank into a deep depression and left to find shelter with others like him. For months, he battled his demons.

Finally, Lori agreed to take him in. He was given passage to Canada and came to Innerkip. As a Minister in the United Church, Lori often helped his like to find their way back. She helped him find medical attention and made sure he ate 3 square meals a day. This was his last ditch attempt to straighten out his life. Somehow he must find his way back to health and happiness.

A family in London heard his story and was touched. They contacted Lori and suggested that they might be able to help. With 40 years of counseling between them, they set out to assist this once noble creature.

For days one or the other was always at his side. They went for long walks together. Calmly they reassured him and urged him to “go for it”. He was given a room of his own. He was well fed.

In time everyone thought he understood that he was valued and even loved just as he was.

One Friday evening he went missing. As we sat, wringing our hands and fearing the worst, we decided a walk might help us keep our good memories alive. Imagine our surprise when we opened the door to find our dear friend standing there wagging that stump of a tail and grinning from ear to ear.

Yes, he came home. Giving as much health and happiness as he has found. Bosco Chipowski, also known as “Chip”, has become a steadfast friend. For now, Chip knows that he belongs.