Crow Lessons … Revised

I was trying to find something else, but I came upon an older post with a poem called “Crow Lessons”. It didn’t sound right. And it wasn’t.

Sometimes–most times–you have to trust the body. When there is a twinge or a tiny jerk in the abdomen … maybe your body is telling you something. Pay attention.

This time I did. And I am glad that I did. Because that version of the poem was clipped, there were part lines missing. It was a mess.

So here is a better version…Let me know if it still needs improving.

Crow Lessons

susanna suchak

Clickety, clack, talking back

Crow sits, watching attentively

I sit, attending watchfully

He— Resting in old tree

Me—Sipping cuppa tea

We—Sharing mystery

Lone souls he and me

Still, we’re

Good company.

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