the semicolon project

I’ve been thinking lately of getting a tattoo though I have resisted for decades. Why? you ask. and why now?

I have two reasons.

First, I have a deeply embedded ink mark on my right thumb. I got it trying to protect a grandson who, as a baby, spied one of my dip pens upright in a jar on the floor. As I dived for it, the nib pierced my skin deeply and left an indelible memory of this moment in time. This new tattoo will disguise it so that I don’t have to explain it over and over to strangers and friends alike.

Second is this  the semicolon project.

I am a long time survivor and I have finally skewed enough courage to go public with my victory.

Oh, I guess there’s a third reason.MedicineBag

Life is short and sweet and bitter all at once. But life is a journey and we each must be medicine to others. If my opening up conversations about the alternatives to desperation that leads to a suicide, then I will feel like a hero. An anonymous one, to be sure, but if each of us saves just one person…well…you get the picture.

Watch for it!