November Passing

moo_card_Oct_2015_frontThis has been an interesting month. Very different from past Novembers that I have experienced. Frosts, snow, melts and glorious Indian Summer days. I haven’t accomplished half of what I had on my “to-do” lists. Big sigh. Maybe there’s a lesson in there though. For one … don’t make so many long to-do lists. It sets you up for failure. There is no ancient map for your life. Let it unfold and be aware of what is happening around you. Discover what is calling to you. Then go do that one thing until you get it right. Or until you realize that it’s over and done with. Don’t forget to meditate. To write. To play in your journal. Make good art…or just make art. The winter will come and there will be some new thing to adapt to. It’s called life. Lean into it. Pay attention to what is in front of you. Love that.Finally, pictures!