Poems to read together with children

Sure hope my son, Daniel and daughter, Kate read this and read these poems to their wee ones. And maybe Tony might get a kick out of seeing this delightful picture of him at Ojibway Park long ago to him but yesterday to me.

First one here is something I’d like to share with my grandson, Jams who lives far away. Reading poetry with children is something I’ve always enjoyed and there are some wonderful poems to share here:

A small dragon

Brian Patten

(you can listen here: http://www.poetryarchive.org/poem/small-dragon) Treat yourself and be read to.

I’ve found a small dragon in the woodshed.

Think it must have come from deep inside a forest

because it’s damp and green and leaves

are still reflecting in its eyes.

I fed it on many things, tried grass,

the roots of stars, hazel-nut and dandelion,

but it stared up at me as if to say, I need

foods you can’t provide.

It made a nest among the coal,

not unlike a bird’s but larger,

it is out of place here

and is mosttimes silent.

If you believed in it I would come

hurrying to your house to…

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