Summon the Artist

I will be visiting the Bean Cellar more frequently because those bell paintings…well, those bell images. And that’s all I can say. I too am choosing to branch out into an old and treasured art form or more accurately modalities, genres, techniques. Sometimes, some years, returning to old loves just feels right.
We need to make time to have tea with friends. So now I will plan some tea dates. With old fashioned tea cups and freshly baked dainties and friends old and new all over this house talking about what makes them feel alive. Yes, 2016 is shaping up to be ringing the bells that still can ring rather than pushing the river. Sorry about the mixed metaphors. Hope you can close your eyes and picture it. I’ll be working on pieces that will encapsulate what that means and looking forward to what my friend Keira creates this year.
Best and brightest for a stellar 2016. I’m choosing to live in Light even when it is liminality.

Keira McArthur

The studio is different, this second day of 2016.

It’s taking some time for the subtle but undeniably permanent changes to sink in.  Some can be identified now; the bell paintings I began in December ring at a new frequency – thirty-six hours from now they will finish in a way I hadn’t imagined.  There’s a kind of inner ‘glow’ to them – as though they were still in active process of becoming while I was elsewhere attending to christmas gatherings, encountering and engaging family; playing like someone 5 years old and far wiser with dear dear friends; making and sharing beautiful communal music; solving puzzles; sorting buttons by colour and size; breathing the outside air, forgetting worry.

These bell paintings are more fully themselves – I won’t need to work so hard to bring them home.

Almost impossible to get the yellows right for this photo. The real one is like sunlight - I'm utterly charmed by it. It’s impossible to get the yellows right in this photo – I’m not a good photographer & certainly…

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