In the midst…

Packing up. Tossing. Giving away. Feels good.

Like a spring tonic or a thorough spring cleaning.

Still both studios are upside down and the need to make still strong.

In the midst there is need for a comforting diversion.

Tea and stitching seems to work magic.








A small Boro pillow.

First in a series.

Early stages…

A comfort while stitching and after.


Beauty and usefulness. A good thing.

2 thoughts on “In the midst…

  1. Beautiful – I love the art of Boro. Some months ago I visited a beautiful exhibition in Cologne ( East-Asian-Art Museum). I could have stayed and look at the pieces for hours!

    1. Thank you so much, Eva. I first encountered Boro when I was in seminary studying for a Masters in Theological Studies. In Eastern Religion Class with Bill Acres (a marvellous instructor and fun person), I decided to study Buddhism more deeply through researching the ancient tradition of pilgrimage. I’ve had the idea to make myself a begging robe and it seems that the yearning is pushing harder as I am entering the home stretch in another Masters degree…I need something to slow me down and Boro is a lovely way to do that.

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