Grandmother Moon will be fully illuminated tonight.

(If you click on the link you can see a video from NASA that explains the hows and whys of the full moon.)

It would be great to get outside under her glow. (whether you can see her or not, she is there.)

In English we could translate Seskéha to “Fresh Try Hard”

This speaks so deeply to me because I am in another phase of  “fresh” trying hard changes. Transitions are difficult for me, always have been. Partially because I am diagnosed as ADD, partially because there have been too many that weren’t happy or helpful.

But when I get out under the sky and absorb the vibrations of the Divine all the difficulties shrink down to a manageable perspective.

Alex Myles calls this moon, Clearing Moon and says it brings “intense, purifying and healing moonbeams which deeply activates energy, bringing dramatic shifts, renewed trust, sacred and fated soul connections and accelerates major change.”

Fresh Try Hard moon speaks to this to me.

It’s not so much a transition into which I have to fit or resist.

But an invitation to receive. To renew trust. To welcome sacred and fated soul connections, even major changes.

It is a freshness and it may be “hard”, but it is part of growth. Stretching and growing can make us even more beautiful, complex, and like this Indian Lotus found at Water Works Park here in St. Thomas glorious. Glorious as Grandmother Moon.

I leave you with a lovely image of an Indian Lotus … because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.


Image credit: Jeff Suchak, who often shares some spectacular images here

One thought on “Seskéha

  1. aloha Susanna. i write a reasonable amount of (modern) haiku. in haiku i (mostly) try to leave punctuation out so that the reader can see the haiku in different ways on different readings. i like your “fresh try hard” (moon) and notice a similar quality, depending on where we readers place a comma, or which word in the three we choose to give the most weight (or accent) too.

    fresh try hard

    fresh, try hard

    fresh try, hard


    FRESH try hard

    fresh TRY hard

    fresh try HARD

    i find that quite exciting and way fun.

    yes, i have a wordpress blog too, i’m mostly a visual artist. however, we’ve come across each other’s path on Insight Timer too, where i have a small group called Haiku Stairs. we explore and write Haiku and Related Forms there. lightness and ease energy on you. aloha rick.

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