Pool Musings … Midday

                                                                       Sunday, August 9th We come down to “our” pool at midday for a swim and some exercise to work out the kinks accumulated over the years and through this pandemic indolence. Two men, one young, one older, attend at the barbeques on the patio. Corn and some other food are carefully turned. A man, … Continue reading Pool Musings … Midday

Butterflies and Queen Anne’s Lace

Spicebush Swallowtail: Photo Credit: Jeff Suchak of http://mythiclandscape.com This gorgeous image inspired a poem… Even if part of you is broken … you are still beautiful and you can fly! If you wish, please refer to this often. The thought has kept me safe over these past few days when I was feeling a little … Continue reading Butterflies and Queen Anne’s Lace


Recently, I was struck by my lack of empathy with a colleague, not to mention my total lack of compassion and non-violent speech in a recent discussion in which we were at odds on a particular matter of great import to me. He tried to cajole me by saying he valued my “gifts” which just … Continue reading Ordinary