A muse at day’s ending toward a new year

Musing pen in hand... In response to a blog post from Jane Davies (https://janedavies-collagejourneys.blogspot.com/2022/12/committing-to-play.html?fbclid=IwAR08TZhbc-mTGUCYBX0159bVh5PGEq7VkxyFEwwGpkLnj0ScDE5ROHf1czQ) an artist whose style I admire and whose teaching style fits my learning style, someone who I don’t even know posted this: "… If the creative work gets to the point, where it is not enjoyable then I don't do it … Continue reading A muse at day’s ending toward a new year

Pool Musings … Midday

                                                                       Sunday, August 9th We come down to “our” pool at midday for a swim and some exercise to work out the kinks accumulated over the years and through this pandemic indolence. Two men, one young, one older, attend at the barbeques on the patio. Corn and some other food are carefully turned. A man, … Continue reading Pool Musings … Midday