Today Patti Digh called her blog Poetry Wednesdays and it gave me the idea for this. We have had FOUR days of sunshine in Owen Sound and Juno came nowhere near. But my cousin, Dawn Walker lives in Saugus, Massachusets and they got whacked. I've shared this poem at Page to Stage and it seemed … Continue reading Because…

Monday’s Musings

    Spent a most delightful morning in the presence of a wonderful woman. What an indulgence. Sadly, an indulgence we often deny ourselves. To be with someone who fills our cup and loves us just as we are in this present moment. An act of mindfulness that is also a gift to self. I am … Continue reading Monday’s Musings

Choosings and Musings

Yesterday on Facebook someone posted part one in a series called, “Can we learn to be happier?”. I thought that that was an unrealistic expectation and might even cause more suffering in this world. I believe that we focus too heavily on “the pursuit of happiness” instead of acceptance of what is. I preferred that … Continue reading Choosings and Musings

It’s raining … raining in my heart

Thanks to Buddy Holly for this... And Jeff Suchak for this ... Well, I'll just get this over with. Yes, it is raining. It is "Hallowe'en" and the kiddos will be soaked before they get to the sidewalk. So that is just so not what I wanted. But does the weather care? No, it is … Continue reading It’s raining … raining in my heart