A muse at day’s ending toward a new year

Musing pen in hand... In response to a blog post from Jane Davies (https://janedavies-collagejourneys.blogspot.com/2022/12/committing-to-play.html?fbclid=IwAR08TZhbc-mTGUCYBX0159bVh5PGEq7VkxyFEwwGpkLnj0ScDE5ROHf1czQ) an artist whose style I admire and whose teaching style fits my learning style, someone who I don’t even know posted this: "… If the creative work gets to the point, where it is not enjoyable then I don't do it … Continue reading A muse at day’s ending toward a new year

A Benediction for 2017

by susanna suchak adapted from “A Blessing for the New Year” by Kayleen Asbo (dedicated with gratitude to Mike Prepsky who always inspires) As the presence of light begins to grow with each passing day may the fearful places in your heart unclench their grasp on your life; may your courage blossom and bloom.   … Continue reading A Benediction for 2017


Caregivers are compassionate. It is their nature. For most humans it is their nature and very natural to care. It can be an exhausting job though. Sometimes the compassion well feels pretty dry and empty. Oftentimes, caregivers are not the first to notice the symptoms of empty well or exhaustion until they are just about … Continue reading #bounceback

Learning…to listen

Lately, it seems, I am making more time for reflection. Perhaps it is the season; perhaps that I am beginning to find comfort in the artful practice of contemplative photography; perhaps it is just who I am and who I am becoming. Reflecting requires a high degree of listening. That said, I am beginning to … Continue reading Learning…to listen

Choosings and Musings

Yesterday on Facebook someone posted part one in a series called, “Can we learn to be happier?”. I thought that that was an unrealistic expectation and might even cause more suffering in this world. I believe that we focus too heavily on “the pursuit of happiness” instead of acceptance of what is. I preferred that … Continue reading Choosings and Musings

It’s raining … raining in my heart

Thanks to Buddy Holly for this... And Jeff Suchak for this ... Well, I'll just get this over with. Yes, it is raining. It is "Hallowe'en" and the kiddos will be soaked before they get to the sidewalk. So that is just so not what I wanted. But does the weather care? No, it is … Continue reading It’s raining … raining in my heart