There are always shades of gray…

Last evening we watched a deeply moving film. The title was, "Mrs. Lowry and Son". I highly recommend it! As "artists" we were intrigued with the story, impressed with the cinematography and acting by both Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Spall. Even thought the subtle, but adept directing by Adrian Noble produced a work deserving of … Continue reading There are always shades of gray…


Caregivers are compassionate. It is their nature. For most humans it is their nature and very natural to care. It can be an exhausting job though. Sometimes the compassion well feels pretty dry and empty. Oftentimes, caregivers are not the first to notice the symptoms of empty well or exhaustion until they are just about … Continue reading #bounceback

Poems to Ponder … a new feature

Every day blusters anew more yellow, gold, red, brown leaves dance down and down delighted to join brothers and sisters as they find their rest on earth and in earth as I would do and will do sooner than perhaps I would prefer   Autumn’s Grace susanna suchak Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Learning…to listen

Lately, it seems, I am making more time for reflection. Perhaps it is the season; perhaps that I am beginning to find comfort in the artful practice of contemplative photography; perhaps it is just who I am and who I am becoming. Reflecting requires a high degree of listening. That said, I am beginning to … Continue reading Learning…to listen